Climate Change Photobook: Promotional Video

The Impacts Project is a layflat coffeetable photobook to promote climate change awareness.

A number of people have suggested creating a short video. One of the project illustrators suggested “high production value videos of pages being turned, how it looks on a coffee table, soft music in the background… The most well-supported kickstarters and indigogos all have videos attached, and they are very well made.”

A decent model of the layflat book already exists, though it lacks a rig; here’s a render of the first page:

The IndieGoGo campaign had earmarked funds for marketing and promotional materials, but didn’t achieve its funding goal. If the KickStarter campaign is successful, reimbursement for the work would come from the campaign’s revenue. See the IndieGoGo page for details.

There are three target markets I’m exploring: environmental law firms, dental offices, and scientists. My plan is to have a series of backers ready in the wings when the second campaign is launched.

I have 23 high-resolution pages for textures, a book model, a predefined palette & font selection, and CPU cycles ready for rendering.

Here’s what’s needed:

  • A short video showcasing the photobook.
  • Pages being turned.
  • A beautiful, simple, elegant livingroom model.
  • Photorealistic lighting and models.
  • Audio track to go with the animation.
  • Credit roll for the illustrators and animator(s).
  • Collaboration of ideas.