Climbing character like assassins creed?

Hello fellas,

I’m kinda new on blender game engine, and i am creating a game that it’s not just about parkour and stuff, but i would like to make my character climb some obstacles. See the reference below:

It’s possible to achieve this kind of climbing? *(like, the character attaching on different points to climb up)

Anyone can help me?

Thanks :smiley:

ok, there are a few ways to do this, but basically you need to start a animation, and have the animation end with the player holding onto a hold and go into a deciding state, where left/right/up/down play other animations, as well as move the actor to climbing targets…

you will need a method to sense when you are near climbing targets and if they are accessible, then a keypress enters the climbing state,

I see a hang of a lot of inverse kinematics in the animations, and a primitive AI for deciding where to jump, where to grab.

Inverse kinematics allows you to rig a model such that you can position an object (for example the hand) and the rest of it will move to suit (eg the elbow and shoulder).
Obviously you also have to move the main body to keep up with it, otherwise the arms will lock at full extension. One of these day’s I’d like to make a rock-climbing demo where to tell a player where to put his arms, as it seems ledge-hanging comes up as question quite often.