Clint Eastwood Portrait WIP

Hello Blender artists

My name is Gary. I have been dabbling in 3d for a few years, trying out various software and modeling techniques. My formal training in the arts is classical painting and drawing. I have some limited exposure to sculpting in clay. This will be my first attempt to fully model and texture a digital bust.

This started out as a practice in making better topology.

I began tweaking the base mesh and sculpting.

After the first session, I realized that face was beginning to look like Clint Eastwood and decided to do a full on celebrity portrait bust.

Here is my reference.

All comments welcome.

Thanks for looking.

welcome to blender artist, at what age do you intend to portray him

Looks like a good start. I’d propose working more on the overall forms before you start getting into more detailing. Judging by the side shot reference you provided here you need to make the chin bigger and push it outwards and also alter the jawline a bit. The nose and mouth looks good proportionally, the forehead needs to be higher and also pushed forwards a bit I think. Looking forward to more updates. Oh, and welcome here!

tyrant monkey - I want to capture the man in his grizzled old age.

Romeo - Yeah, I definitely need to focus on the larger forms to underpin the likeness. The post above was from before I started working with the reference. Once I did, the discrepancies with what I thought was at least in the ball park really stood out. I tried to grab and pull the lower res mesh around over the profile in the background but that didn’t go well. So I’ve just been eyeballing and tweaking the bust. This is what I came up with.

Thanks for dropping by.

damn! I was hoping for the Dirty Harry version, but an older Clint is interesting too. I would second Romeo’s opinion. I always find it easier to block in things at a low res level and than subdivide only once I can’t do anything more on that level.

check this site out, the sculptor is a zbrush user but he has several tuts on anatomy and digital sculpting that are pretty good