Clipping issues?

I seem to have some issues with far side clipping…

when I increase the end clipping point it doesn’t have any effect, I’m wondering if this is a bug with 2.8? It’s a pretty large object but a million meters (I tested) should’ve been enough.

Any ideas? Maybe it’s something else I’m unaware of.

Edit: This occurs only in camera view.

That is a feature. In camera view, view clipping is relative to settings of camera.
That is just not same View Clipping than a User Perspective view.

Try keeping it between 0.03-300 and 0.05-500 in this case (given the dimensions of the object). For accuracy reasons you don’t want to have too far distance between minimum and maximum.

Today I had to rerender some Workbench animation frames because the setting was 0.001-100 (my preference for modelling stuff) - the facing wall at the end of a building hallway was flickering. Setting it to 0.01-100 fixed it.