Clive Owen/ Lan

Hi I’m this current project is a head model of Clive Owen mainly…but since i’ve seen his name appear so many times as the preferred role as Lan in a Wheel of Time Movie. i plan on following his exact facial features exactly and then aging him slightly…not very much though. then modeling Lans armor and helmet and hairstyle…almost a way of showing how he would look in that role

Heres what i have so far:

And heres the Reference:

crits and suggestions are much appreciated…is my topology alright?
draw overs are very very much appreciated

haha anyone?

While I won’t do a draw-over, I will say that your topology definitely needs more work, and there are a lot of wasted polygons for the amount of detail that you have.

Check out this image

If you compare that to yours, hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

Beyond that, here are some more resources.

aw i see what you mean already…i’m looking into it right now thanks