Clockwork Cowboy

Here’s a new character I have been working on at home. He’s some kinda cyborg cowboy guy… Yeah, I know, not so interesting. What can I say? I had to come up with something quick to model.
He’s about 3500 polys with out his guns. The guns are about 350 polys each. The next step is to UV map him and send him to ZBrush for Normal map work. I’ve never used ZBrush so it should be interesting.


what is zbrush? nice model! :wink:

Looks good. Zbrush is a different kind of modelling tool, much like sculpting. You basically make a rough shape with interconnected spheres and alter the size and strength of your brush, and you push in or pull out where you drag. You can get incredible detail into models with this (which makes it great for normal mapping), look for videos showing it in action and you will be impressed. It doesn’t do stuff like animation etc. but it isn’t an uber expensive program either, ‘just’ a few hundred dollars.

Is there a similar program that is free?

not really
[ is as close as I know, I’ve never tried it]

you can get a trial of zbrush 1.55 tho

TorQ, can we see a wire? I’m particularly interested in how you did the detail in the face.

[of note with zbrush is that it is a good idea to have good topology because the subdivides are subsurf-like. Also, faces are always drawn single-sided last I tried, so you’d need to have perhaps two sets of geometry for the coat tails and knee pad thingies, perhaps and hat brim and arm parts. Also, zbrush doesn’t iirc have a means to do an alpha channel, so if you want the things coming off the forarm to have an alpha channel you might be able to do it with materials, but I think you’d have to paint that in photoshop or something]

updated at the top.

z3ro d,

Yeah I’ve pretty much modeled everything with actual thickness. I have been doing that lately because its seems there are quite a few softwares that don’'t like single sided polys (maya) pluse I remeber hearing that Zbrush doesn’t like it.


Awesome! :o There seems to be NO poly waste in this one, for what I can see without having ever made a single low-poly character.

The concept is very good, IMHO. Turning a quite boring subject into one of interest is something difficult, and you prove you were able to. This model is far beyond some low-poly characters I saw recently on CGtalk. 8)

Hum… Wondering when I’ll give a try to low poly modeling myself… %|

trueSpace 3.2 is free and has similar functionality built in.

yeah, I’m not really big on the design of this guy I want to make his legs more “clockwork” like the name…


Pretty good for something low poly

very nice, i have zbrush its a cool tool especially the hair tool :P.

Excellent work TorQ. Nice to see you posting stuff here too. :wink:

Can’t wait to see him Zbrushed up. Are you going to make a displacement map in ZBrush, or texture in ZBrush?


Thanks BgDM!

I intend to do displacement mapping in Zbrush. Its kind of a learning excercise. Zbrush is going to be THE TOOL for doing normal mapping in games in the near future. It already is becoming so… Hopefully there will be an opensource alternative in the future as well. As it stands there generally most things in 3D you can accomplish in most packages, but ZBrush does stuff that no other package can touch. So that makes it a must know software as far game artists are concerned.

BTW I have been following your witch project. Looks really good I especially like the wrinkles in the head piece.


I find this higly interesting, nicely modeled character Torq. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Waiting to see him finished.

You’re stuff always rocks Torq. Nice job as usual.

I d/l’ed the demo of zbrush yesterday and I’m still in the process of figuring it out but watching the videos amazed me. The quality of some of the art made with it is awesome.