This was incredibly fun to create. I will come back to this quick idea. I only spent 2 hours on it so far and it doesn’t do it justice. Clockwork has always been appealing to me and with better texturing and some more dedicated rendering time to get rid of those fireflies. I’d love any other C&C.

Here is the video so far.

I shall watch this one with interest… Nice materials, not sure the gears would work as they don’t have centres.

Cheers, Clock.

The still gears look a bit weird next to the rapidly spinning ones. Maybe make them move a bit?
Also, add some medium speed gears in there. Its hard to see the details on the whirling ones.
Also, you should consider finding a way to add some grunge to that big front gear. A shiny gear is just begging for a bit of steel wool somewhere.
That being said, I love the groves you cut into that center gear, and the rust on the ones a bit further back is really cool

Thank you, I would love to get the mechanics right, so much more research is required! Oh darn, I’ll just have to go look up more clockwork :eyebrowlift2:.