Clone object and share mesh data but NOT material

(cekuhnen) #1

Hi there

is there a way when you clone an object that the mesh data is linked / shared but you can assign individual materials to the objects?

It seems linking mesh data also included material data!

(Stan Pancakes) #2

Materials by default are linked to the object data. You can change this per material slot (see a dropdown to the right of datablock name in Materials tab). If you want your materials to be always linked to objects instead of object data, there is a setting for it in User Preferences -> Editing.

(cekuhnen) #3

Hey Stan

thank you a lot to point this out! I totally overlooked it as I never used it before!

In my work often the mesh data can get updated because of design revisions but the will be the same for each page / rendering.

However materials can be different per shot / page / rendering/

Great I am madly impressed with Blender now even more!