Clone trooper

Well, I’m starting this model to add it to a scene with my other Star Wars Character:

Kaminoan Cloner:

Hope you likes it…


Render Internal + AO:

Well, that’s all for now

Looks good the mesh is cool…

Thanks… one more render with improvements in the textures.

There’s a lot of work to do…

So, like you would see this trooper fight on many battles.

And plus, a detail to the armor texture

thanks for watching and hope you likes it

Looking good :slight_smile:

Thanks, I do my best effort … some more improvements in the textures…

I swear that to day continue with the rest of the model :evilgrin:

new images, hope you likes it

Thanks for watching…

ok ok ok… almost finish this model, only have to finish the lastest textures and make some last adjustements

Hope you likes it

I’m back to show you some more improvements…

And… details of the textures from lower legs…

Well… i’m getting to work in the rig

amazingly detaled

Really nice job, but the feet are tiny…make them a little bigger, The foot should be about the same length from heel to toe as his forearm.

P.S. the scratches on his right knee are a bit exagerated don’t you think? (just my opinion.)

Are you texturing from within Blender? It looks great. Do you plan to use both the Kaminoan and the trooper in a scene together?

Cheers and God bless.

looking cool, how did you make those textures? They look awesome!

Ok… I won some time… and start to rig this model…
There’s much to do, but is in the way.

Hope you likes it.

I’ve playing around with ilumination and nodes…

And the result is:…

Hope you likes it, and… critics are welcome

I’m a star wars fan. And that looks excellent, almost as good as the movie.

excellent work!!! The rigging is looking great…no noticeable deformation problems, and your texturing is well done.

Looks almost as if it could be used as a model for the Star Wars Clone Wars 3D series…very cool man.

that is so awesome!

“The Death Star plans are not in the main computer.” oops, wait, that’s A New Hope…just a sec, i’ll think of a Clone line in the prequels…shoot, can’t think of any, lol

i’m a star wars fan. And that looks excellent, almost as good as the movie.

better than the movie.