Clonehunter Film Environment

I’m doing effects work for a low budget scifi movie and have started working on environments in Blender.

I’m really interested in photoreal compositing but have little experience and it doesn’t really play to my strengths. That bar exterior has just been a brutal experience. I’m pretty happy with these now but I’m looking for tips to really push them to the next level.

We’re looking for help too, if anyone’s interested. Modeling and texturing specifically since I kinda hate them.


those look really cool, very nice environment. i might be able to help with modelling of little things, i say might because i don’t know what you’d need, and i wouldn’t feel comfortable committing to modeling some crazy detailed super killer robot or anything like that, simply because i dont have the skill to do that. so if you put a list of little things you need (such as scenery stuff) i would consider trying to help.

Initial thoughts: More grime needed in first. Layer your atmospheric effects (mist/clouds look flat) in second. Third one looks good. Perhaps add more variation using different materials – looks like it’s made from stuff out of just one isle Home Depot.

You might also try some tests with Yafaray for more realistic outdoor lighting. I’ve been wanting to mix renders from Blender internal with another like Yafaray – play to their strengths. Haven’t had the project or free time yet.