Close a path

After I draw a bezier or nurbs curve, is there a way to close the path so it is continuous?


Select the two handles to close and press the “C” key. Be prepared to tweak the path after it’s been closed (assuming you have the path the way you like it – except for it not being closed).

Cool thanks.

I’ve another curve question if you don’t mind. Afer closing this path, I’ve duplicated it several times so that I can skin a surface. When I select them all and ctrl-J to join them, they all jump to the location of the active curve, so they all line up in Z.

I need them to stay where I want them, and I can’t figure out what setting is causing them to line up. Any ideas?

Thanks again

edit: Nevermind, I made bezier curves and they should be NURBS curves :expressionless:

edit: Uhh, I mean surface curve! :expressionless: :expressionless: