Close button (Windows)

Hi everyone,

This is probably a very ‘noobish’ question, but so far i have not had much success in finding an answer by search the forums/google (I simply get too much results when i search for ‘close button blender windows’ to be able to find the answer i seek).

So I’m ‘biting the bullet’ and posting my question here:

The close button in Blender does not seem to trigger the same warning-dialog as the ‘ctrl+Q’ keystroke. In combination with the renderwindow showing within Blender by default, this already caused me to lose my objects on a couple of occasions when i clicked ‘close’ as a habit to get back to my scene.

Unfortunately, the searchresults that I found sofar seem to suggest this is something ‘that you should get used to’ (and it seems to occur in 2.4x as well as 2.5x).

Is this true? Will the close button always work like it does now? Or is this something that can/will be fixed in the future?

Just use Esc, you’ll soon learn, or set the render display to ‘New Window’ or Image Editor’ if you’d prefer.
Will the close button always work like this, impossible to give an accurate answer. As the blender source is open, maybe the developers or some interested other user will change it to work differently.
If you do quit you can recover your last session and you can set the frequency and number of backups in User Preferences / File for even more insurance.

Hi Richard, thanks for your answer.

I had indeed already found the ‘new window’ setting, but usually I get reminded of this setting after blender has already shutdown :frowning:

Although I did not know about the ‘ESC’ key here, so thanks a lot for that tip :slight_smile:

But still it seems to be a minor change to have a warning dialog popup on that button, just like ctrl+q does.

Is there a specific reason why this is not added?
(I’m not very familiar with the blender codebase, so it’s a bit hard to tell if this is difficult or easy to implement.)

There is no-one who knows the answer to this?