closed meshes?

hi all … in my strugle to use blender for architecture, i’m extruding plans generated in QCAD … however, not being that smart i’m not able to do boolean on two objects (meshes) that i generated from plans … i need that to obtain “holes” (for staircase, windows, etc.) … the error message is: “both meshed must be a closed mesh” … how do i “querry” the objects to find out which one isn’t a closed mesh (or maybe both???) and what is a “closed mesh” in blender “language” … thanks for help! a


To find non-manifold edges, in edit mode, space bar…Select…Non-Manifold.

Or Shift Ctrl Alt M.

Best of Luck!!

thanks! got that … now the q. is how i fix these facese that aren’t closed? thanks again!a


Select 3 or 4 vertices that should form a face and press F. (1 face at a time creation)

Or all of the vertices then Shift-F to fill.

Get the latest Blenderart magazine for a good explanation of architecture.

thanks OBI_Ron, the problem is that … doesn’t work as it supposed to … those vertices do not connect … i’m little bit lost … i can upload the model if you want, and you can take a look @ … it is very basic as it is now … thanks. a


If you can post the blend file, I’ll take a look at it when I get home from work.

hi OBI_Ron,
i’m just slooow … here is the file with the problems … if i try to make a face out of the “unclosed” faces it gives me errors … please take a look at … attached is also an image of the condos rendered two weeks ago … at that time i used formz + blender + yafray … now i want to use just open source: qcad, blender and yafray … i’m working on a complete production line using just open source programs … so that is my challange nowas an architect … anyway the model generated so far in blender is first floor of one livig unit … thanks for help! … the file is uploaded here:

file link:

thanks! a


Well, you had a couple of problems:

  1. Duplicate vertices - in edit, Select all, w-key, remove doubles
  2. Faces inside walls - particularly in the corners
  3. Faces on top of faces

I dont have a place to post my version, but if you would like, you can send me a pm with your e-mail and I will send it to you.

Also, I don’t recommend using booleans. Search the forums, and you will not find to many people saying nice things about them. With basic cube shapes, it is better to just create knife cuts, and extrude cut outs. This will be made much easier, if you create the corners like I have done on the back wall.

I hope this will be of some help to you!