Closing the window screens drives ya crazy.. Must a second back door.

After playing around in 2.5, Sometimes you get a window to open when you only wanted to move one.
Now a new on again. I know that clicking the grip lines on the corner, and drag that into another window, But on certain windows will not close.
There must be a direct way to close a window bunched in with a few others.
Like maybe double click,: NO, not working
crtrl+Leftclick+$1 tipp, NO Not working
Close out the whole thing and start over. This works fine. (microsoft reboot)

It must be easier than this. I’s talks helping to improve this.
Look forward to tips.

Some “keyboard-shortcuts-master” should answer to this… There are tremendously lots of keyboarding in Blender and there’s surely one to solve this “window-pain” problem! ;D