cloth and solid object collision

Hello. I’m trying to “drop” several solid bodies over a piece of cloth that is lying on a table, another solid body. And I can’t set a collision between all of them right. There are not much info about that and I am lost. Could you please give me an advice, or some clue when can I find tutorials or info about that part? The Blender Manual wasn’t very helpful this time.


help.blend (2.54 MB)

First, if you are trying to produce a picture, you don’t need to use simulations at all.
You can create piece of cloth wrinkles by using sculpt mode and basic modelling tools.
A shrinkwrap modifier can help you to keep cloth under objects.

To produce an animation avoïd to do everything at once.
Do cloth simulation. Bake it.
Do rigid bodies simulation. Bake it. Convert rigid body world cache to keyframes.
An then, use tricks to combine them.
Modify cloth simulation by adding a displace modifier or a dynamic paint in displace mode after.
Modify animation of few rigid bodies that are encountering a big wrinkle.

Try to cheat or do it with a smaller piece of cloth to have a correspondence between size of faces of all objects if you are not afraid of expensive simulations.

Hello zeauro, thank you very much for advices. Yes, I want to render a picture, and you are right, I will move forward with your first suggestions. I would like to ask if you know some profound tutorials or articles, or any sources that could explain how physics in Blender works, about cash and baking, and all interactions and tricks, for understandinf the process thoroughly. The Blender manual does not make it good for now.
Thank you a lot, again. Now I can finally proceed.

Unfortunately, I learned physics in Blender 2.4 and followed their refactoring for 2.5 UI or their creation for recent stuff.
So, I am not really aware of good tutorials. Because I tested tools while their creation, I rarely need to follow a tutorial to understand what to do.
When by curiosity, I look at a tutorial about physics ; I am often disappointed by author who neglects explanations about baking and caching.

2.7x manual is often not more helpful than tooltips. Writing documentation takes a lot of time and Blender is evolving really fast.
Physics are a vast and complex subject. So, the most complete source should be the wiki pages of developer who worked on it.
Or an artist who loves the tool and makes demos about it. So, there are probably good tutorials about physics.
But old 2.6X manual, release logs and searches on should answer most of your questions.

Thank you a lot, you are very kind. I will follow your advices.