CLOTH: Blender 2.46 release notes "CLOTH IN ACTION" needed

These two are really very nice.

Here is an updated version.

single or maybe all three together to show the stages.

Check out that gorgeous collar:RocknRoll:

Edit: Image Update.

Here is my simple cloth test:

or [xvid, ~3MB]


with what did you render this?

Everything was done with blender.

it looks like you are having some caustics here.
I thought this might be a different engine.

But great result for Blender.

It’s faked by small lamp :wink:

mh the video artifacts are quite bad so that detail was hard to see.

anyway good rendering !

Did you tried the avi version or only youtube? I can upload better quality version on rapidshare or something like this.

i looked at both actually

Here is what i got so far: There are still issues with collisions of the cloth with flat solid (foundation), but I will crank up some parameters and see if it will do any good.

Ok guys, I have some cutting edge video from nudelZ:


The video is really great. Best animation example of Blender cloth available at the moment I guess.

This is great! Genscher, is it a problem (memory wise) to simulate cloth for a long sequence? And how does Blender Cloth compares to for example Syflex?

Let me answer that myself :stuck_out_tongue:
I think Blender’s Cloth kicks ass
Compare for yourself:

@ toontje:
Regarding the length of animation: There is no difference how long an animation is in regard to memory consumption. It only loads one frame into memory. I know it’s not very memory friendly, but you get rarely over 100MB (having a 40k cloth mesh).

Greetings :slight_smile:

OK, this is what I’m thinking what felt wrong with the Syflex demo:

The dress:
The dress is tight at her upper torso, but it wrinkles easily anyway, and at the lower end of the dress, the movements are sluggish, not flexible enough, almost like a reluctant carpet.

wooooah. :RocknRoll:

Very nice.
I’m getting similar results. Have you tried wind effects yet?