CLOTH: Blender 2.46 release notes "CLOTH IN ACTION" needed

Hello guys,

For the official upcomming 2.46 release notes I am in need of some superior images which takes usage of the new CLOTH (NOT Softbody!).

The (maybe also 2-3) winner entry will be shown in the offical 2.46 release notes as an exanple what can be archieved with the new cloth (which is in current trunk).

If you want any more information how to use cloth, take a look here (especially for the editing features):

Howto participate:

  1. The time window is 3 weeks starting from today, so challenge will end on 9th of March.

  2. Any entry has to be put into this thread (more entries allowed)

  3. My hope is to get some entries which are quality wise on par with forum gallery entries :eyebrowlift:

Good luck and thank you very much for support!
Daniel / Genscher

UPDATE: You can get an cloth enabled build here (ANY recent SVN build will do)–>

Actually, I’m quite overhelmed by the huge amount of entries :wink:

I will definitely be posting an entry for this. Give me some time. Genscher, thank you and congratulations for this great cloth system.

Kudos, Genscher…
I’ll see if i can do something with it. Please, can i get the SVN version with it at GraphicAll, isn’t it?

I would love to join! :slight_smile: I already have a video qualifying for this contest, but it’s short. I don’t know how long you want it to be?

Nevertheless, I’ll link to this video I already made for a starter and I’m more than willing to make more because the cloth addin is the best thing ever. It is so fun to play with! :smiley:

Behold, the famous Suzanne is in it! :wink: I’m looking forward to everyone’s entry! Bring it on! :smiley:

Hello people!

Only a little reminder: 1 week to go until 2.46 release notes with nice images have to be finished. :eyebrowlift:


Hello blenderartists,

challenge is over.

Thank you for the only entry Dreammaster, but sadly, it doesn’t fit the release theme.

Daniel / Genscher

The first post said in a week… 9th march…
I’m currently working on this…:confused:

Excuse me, but like myvain, I’m also puzzled.

The original post has said that the deadline is on March 9th. It would probably help us a lot if you put it in more details and share with us what you are looking for so that we can produce an entry that would meet your expectation.

Thank you. :slight_smile: Either way, good luck with all!

A nice challenge could be to create fabric shaders.
I worked with c4d some years ago, and I remember of that:
The shaders were then distibuted by Maxon.

My mistake :slight_smile: Sorry about that, I was really thinking one week forward! Must be too much work :wink:


Challenge OPEN keep on going!

Once again: Sorry!


Gensher, can you tell us what type of entry you wait ?

I think that there would be more participation with a little help of blendernation. ;o)


I am sorry if I haven’t made me clear :slight_smile:

I am primarly searching for stills in which cloth is used.

It don’t even have to me the primary object of the scene. Just place cloth where it fits in and make a great atmosphere, lighting, composite, … :slight_smile:

Some outdoor scene, on the left some house, sun is going down, wind is blowing and you see some wet clothes drying in the wind.

Just some example, could be some completely different :wink:


This is just a preliminary with the wind source still visible (gray cube) and no background but I think with a nice autumn leaf ground cover and a few whirling leaves this might make a nice pic. The hair is bound to a cloth modifier as is the dress. If this is suitable I will carry on; otherwise I’m pretty much through playing with this figure. I just wanted to try out the cloth features.

An update. This view seems to bring out the wind effect better than the other one. It still needs a horizon background and sky but you can get an idea of where I’m going with the scene. I had to delete all the shape keys so she is expressionless right now. The mesh just suddenly went all bizarre and it turned out the be the shape keys (after saving and loading.) I will probably add blowing leaves via post process. Please let me know if I am wasting my time or if you are interested in this scene.

Or this one perhaps;

Here ya go;)


Here is my entry :


Here is my entry

it is from a recent art project:

fabric being draped over a female body

Here are two animation.
There is some cloth - volume intersection. I used lower setting for faster computation.
For a finale movie I would increase the cloth quality setting for better results.

EDIT: just noticed you asked for stills only:

here is a rendering

let me know if you like some - I will do some refinements than.


Hey guys.

Some nice entries here.

Here is one of my own:

Another entry by nudelZ: