Cloth Cape?

So I made a cape for my guy and added a cloth modifier or whatever to it. I then parented the cape to him so it’s the child and follows him around, now the only problem is, is that if follows his center which doesn’t move in the animations so the cape just stays there, how do I get it to follow his shoulders where it would be attached so that even though his center doesn’t move the cape will move with him. Oh and I tried joining them together and that didn’t work at all. Oh and how do I get it so that the cape doesn’t go through him? Thanks

First, you must set a vertex group on the cape where the wheight is entirely blue except for the attatchment that must be red.
Next, you must attatch that same red zone to the nearest bone(s) of the body so that they will follow the body.
Next, you must set a softbody function to the cape, not a cloth function. Use that vertex group on the group list button beside the “Use goal” option.
Last, you must set the rest of your character and even his cloths with the “collision” function, beside the cloth function.

I just tried this in 2.5, so here’s my take on it. I made a cape and applied a cloth modifier to it. I let it fall onto some basic shoulders, then I applied the modifier, “freezing” the cape shape. I did this, so that it’s in the form closest to the one I want, but it won’t move.

The trick is to go into Weight Paint mode (where the cape looks blue), and just paint two red spots on the areas that contact the shoulders. I used pinning in the cloth section and selected that vertex group that was painted. Finally I parented the cape to the guy and added another cloth modifier (the “silk” setting looks pretty cape-like). When I played the animation, the cape just followed the shoulder areas.

If that still doesn’t work, try selecting “Vertex” or “3 Vertices” option in the parenting tab.

Hah, I just realized we posted the same answer :slight_smile: Yeah, ditto on the collision option. If you want the cape to realistically interact with itself, you also need to select “self collisions”. It’s slower but looks more superman-like.

Maybe one of you could post a simple blend file with the cape working so I could see exactly how you did it? I have never used weight painting and still don’t really get how to do it:( Thanks.

Sure. Here’s a screen cap and I’ve also attached the blend file (it works in 2.5 Alpha 2). Note that I’m not using armatures, just the cloth parented to the mesh. However, it should work with a rigged character as well.


2.5_cape_example.blend (321 KB)

Man, I still can’t understand why this isn’t working, mine seems to be in order. Do you think maybe one of you could look at my and see why it’s not working? If you could I would be extremely grateful :slight_smile: Thanks.

Sure, send it. What part exactly are you having trouble with?

I’m having trouble getting the cape to follow his soldiers in my animation. It seems that my file exceeds the max file size, could I just email it to you?

Uh, how big are we talking here? Can you upload to a free uploading service?

It’s only 1.4mb but that’s like .5 bigger than it needs to upload here, I’ll see if I can find a site to upload it to.