Cloth going wild

Hi guys,
I’ve been working on a shortfilm for 2 years now and somtimes some problems pop up, just like this. I followed several tutorials on how to make skirts and used them for my project, but my cloth reacts absolutely strange and I am entirely clueless why.

Here’s what happens

Case 1:
Starting Frame

Some Frames later:

I am working with a seam in order for the cloth not to drop to the ground. (she actually wears a breastplate which I moved to a different layer to visualise the issue)

The Cloth -mostly- collides correctly with the legs but falls right though her buttcheeks.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

Cheers Jack.

Hard to say for sure without a blend file, exactly what the issue might be. The weird puffing up looks to me like your distance values are set to high/your objects are too small.

How can I fix this? (If the fix doesn’t work I will post the .blend file)