cloth help

hi i need help… how do i parent cloth to an mesh… help me pleas

The best way is to pin it. Find a place where you want he cloth to cling and create vertex groups on the mesh and the cloth in that area. Give both vertex groups the same name. In the cloth sim tab select the pinning of cloth button and select the vertex group from the menu beside it. Make sure you add collisions to the base mesh and you should be O.K…

i mean like this

at 0:18

The cloth is pinned to those objects with vertex groups and the cloth doesn’t fall through the objects because they have collision data added. The cloth that tied in a not was able to that because self collision detection was added. You can weight paint a portion of the cloth to prevent it from falling. Play arround with it a while it’ll be fun.

i was just wondering how to do exactly this! unfortunately, my attempts using Blonder’s instructions aren’t working at all. there’s no relationship between the pinned vertices and the objects’ vertices. is there a parenting step missing?

nevermind, got it. first you make a pinned vertex group for all of the pinned areas. then you make hooks for your subgroups. if you want a mesh as your hook, select the mesh, then the cloth object, then tab into edit mode. then select the vertices you want parented to the object (which is still selected). when you add the hook, instead of adding an empty, add the selected object. repeat for all your parented objects.

and if you’re like me and make mistakes that are probably obvious to people who know Blender much better, don’t sim by baking in the cloth collisions window. do it by pressing alt-a. baking makes everything go wild and wonky. alt-a looks perfect.

edited to add: actually it just seems sim wonky the first time regularly? if i clear the cache and do it again, it comes out fine.