Cloth interaction problem

Hi everyone !

I have a question regarding cloth interacting with a sphere (basic stuff I hope).

The scene that I would want to make is this one :

There is a square net lying on a ground plane. A sphere comes roling on the ground, roles onto the net and once in the center of it, all 4 angles of the net are lifted up in the air, they come closer together and join up in the air. The sphere is traped in the net and stays hanging in the air.

  • So currently I’ve modeled the net esaly by applying a wireframe modifier to a grid plane and then setting it to be a cloth object (the net holes are quite small because the grid has a pretty high resolution for the cloth simulation).

  • Then I made a vertex group containing all 4 angles of the grid and I’ve pinned them to an armature of 4 bones (each bone is located at one corner of the net).

  • with that setup (and the ground plane being a collision object) everything works perfectly : the net interacts with the ground and I can animate the armature and it moves the net by pulling on it’s ends.

  • Then comes the sphere… I can’t make the sphere react properly to the net :

    If it’s just a collision object, I have collision with the net but I don’t have the dynamics I want (sphere being hung in the air by the net that pulls it up).

    If I make the sphere, the net and the floor rigid bodies (passive for the floor), I get some collision… but it’s between the sphere and the center of gravity of the armature : I mean that as long as the net is flat,everything is fine, the sphere stays on it… But when the 4 corners start to lift, the sphere stays at their level and is lifted too (I hope this part is well explained an you understand it ^^’ ).

    I also tried changing the sphere to be a soft body with parameters that make is quite rigid (and no monger soft :p)…
    The collision is awefull, it’s a huge mess of verticies and it takes ages to bake (I don’t think that’s the right thing to do anyway).

I really hope someone can help me out. :slight_smile:

Currently I’ve tried all these tests with a non-animated sphere resting in mid-air (the net is on the ground and it’s lifted by it’s corners to come and wrap the sphere).
But ultimatly, I would want to animate the sphere so it would come rolling on the ground… Untill it arrives at the center of the net and then dynamics takes it and lifts it up in the air.

Honestly, you might want to try just hand-keying the sphere. Sounds like it just stops, flies upward, maybe bounces a bit, and stops in the air?

Ultimatly, if I don’t have the choice, I’ll do that. Yet if it’s possible, I really want to find a solution with a simulation. ^^