cloth is stiff as a brick


I’m using ClothFX and I can’t get my cloth to act like cloth. It acts like a wall even though I have the cloth settings under physics set to silk. It should be wobbly as heck. But this is what happens. I would like to have the cloth act like cloth like in this short tut.

It’s hard to tell what the problem is since you give no details about what you’re doing. But maybe you’re just using a plane mesh that is a single facet with no divisions? In order for cloth to work, your mesh must be divided many times so that each face can bend slightly with respect to the others. Then the cloth physics engine will bend all the faces to make them look like a flowing cloth.

I subdived it 20 times. I will try more and see it it works.

Ok, I tried subdividing it 50 times and it did the same thing. Here are the settings I have.


Here’s the file…


test.blend (897 KB)

I downloaded your file and had a look. When I disabled the dynamic paint modifier, the cloth bent like it was supposed to. I do not know anything about dynamic paint, but it seems to interfere with the cloth, and explosion simulations.

cool thanks. Any idea what order the modifiers need to be in for the render animation to work? I actually quit a project because I couldn’t get it to work. The timeline animation works with the modifiers in the default position that ClothFX puts them in.

I moved the cloth modifer to the top, and the cloth is no longer stiff.

ok, thanks. If you ever play with ClothFX and try to render the animation and you get the modifiers in the right order, please let me know.

I know this is late, but you have to enable dynamics in the clothfx settings. Then pin selected vertices so it hangs. That’s when you use trigger object to push and tear the cloth.

I find 4000 verts is a good place to begin. Also adjust the steps and cloth qualities to 3.

Sir, I need what you don’t need. Only perhaps if the cloth (or brick in your case) is replaced by a square paper, and the tear is more extensive to include nearly 50% of the page and no pieces falling off.
I would like to have the same test.blend file, with more extensive rupture.
I need it for modifying one photograph for personal purpose. I won’t use the .blend file, or the photograph, commercially.
Could you kindly have the modified file attached within this thread or by a PM?
I have a very specific thread about what is unwanted for you, here: Irregular Page Tear without detached pieces?
I have just downloaded Blender from its own site a few days back, and only beginning to learn how to use it. I have no requirement for the commercial animation add-on package, just one frame for photograph mapping over the modified surface at present.