Cloth keeps self-penetrating or exploding

I am able to use cloth to create fantastic simulations however, when I parent it with an armature and scissor the armature close, it all turns ugly. I want to basically have cloth between 2 cylinders and fold them closer together which should crunch the cloth between. The result always gives be a cloth that penetrates itself and or start to form a bizarre triangulated seam. How can I have cloth that will not penetrate itself when I compress it together?
Thank you!

Well to stop the penetrating you need to turn on “Self Collision” under the Cloth Collision panel in the physics tab. And to prevent the triangulated seems, you need to increase the subdivisions of the cloths(assuming it’s a plane).
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I do have Self collision enabled. I’ve even tried changing the quality and distance options. Is there an issue with animating cloth through an armature while it is pinned? The other issue also is that even with setting collision on the cylinders, the cloth still goes through them. What am I missing.

Well are the pinned vertices inside of the cylinder?? Because if you have the cylinder set to collision and you have fixed vertices inside of it, Blender is going to kick up a MASSIVE hissy fit and spit the cloth out everywhere. Make sure none of the colliding object are being forced to interact. As for the armatures, I’ve never actually used armatures with cloth before so I’m afraid I can’t help much in that aspect.
If this idea doesn’t work, just post the .blend file and I’m sure myself or many of the other great helpers on here will be able to lend a hand :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the reply. I did try to set all the vertices as a starting position outside any other object. It still does not seem to work correctly. The other issue too, the plane eventually goes through the object even through there is a collision set. I want to be able to set the plane very close to the other cylinders while they are being deformed and have the cloth fold correctly. Am I just not realistic? Anyway, I did include the blend file if anyone can figure out this mess, I’d appreciate it… Thank youLeafRibSection.blend (1.78 MB)

Man those cylinders really hate your cloth haha. As soon as I moved them to another layer it worked perfectly. What’s the aim of this scene? Do you need the cylinders to collide with the cloth, or can you just make do without it. Because once you remove the collision modifier from the cylinders it all works fine, and you can have the plane starting inside of it so you get that seamless look you were going for. Plus it increases your baking time by a bazillion times :p. Another thing I did notice though, is your scene is set to end at frame 90ish, but you’re baking the cloth right up to frame 250. Change the value in the Cloth Cache box to fix that. :slight_smile:

Here’s what it looks like if it’s at all what you were looking for :slight_smile:

@Enigma246 Thank you! The avi looks pretty much like what I want. In the end, I was looking for something like a bat wing, where there are bones holding and folding a cloth type wing. That’s why I wanted the cloth to basically touch the edge of the cylinder and I want to animate the cylinders so that it will fold the cloth. My test was just to prove it I could do it before I spend too much time working on the rest of the scene. I am trying your suggestions right now. Thanks again!

Haha it’s not a problem at all, glad I could’ve helped :slight_smile:

can I ask a question? I keep having a problem with cloth collision