Cloth modifier test

I see that cloth can be easily used for hanging objects such as lamp (no game engine!).

fascinating! how does it work?

That is way cool. I feel like I’ve tried to do stuff like this before and failed. Is it simply animation hooks, or is there some additional voodoo magic?

Everything is based on a base-cable with softbody and proper parameters/weights, then Empties are attached to chosen vertex, armature is attached to empties and this armature is used to control the main cable (the one that will be rendered).

Actually softbody and cloath mde. Are more over same thing, in more advance simulations. You will se the dif…

Tutorial available at

Very nice result and thank you very much for the tutorial :smiley:

Great tutorial. I love the speed of it. Doesn’t waste any time, and if you need more detail on any part, you can just pause and look. Thanks.