Cloth problem

I have a little problem with clot simulation ,i will make thats clothe follow bone ,bones are parented to cloth (painted weights etc) than i make little animation with bone but the cloth don’t follow it ,how to fix that ,any suggestions?
The question iz :How make to move cloth with bone animation (if possible offcourse)
sry for my english :frowning:

You can Pin the cloth to the bone(s). Check out the following thread, I posted instructions and a sample blend file that should help:

DichotomyMatt - Many thank’s it works fine ,but i see that make this on 2 bones which one of the bones go for example right another left its impossible or iam wrong? But the animation must be in the same time ,for example bonding kerchief ,for stills its not so bed , However thanks one more time :slight_smile: