Cloth ripping?

I just began playing with with Cloth objects and noticed an unexpected effect.

I made a quick scene of a subdivided plane as cloth (using Cotton preset) falling on top of a sphere, which I enabled Collision on.

I let it play out over 75 frames and see that the cloth “rips” as it drapes over the sphere and you can see the top of it poking through. Other presets, such as Denim and Rubber do this to a much lesser extent.

What setting control the “strength” of the cloth? Or is this just a geometric error and it’s not actually ripping, but is passing “through” part of the top of the sphere?

In retrospect, I think it is the latter… it’s just overlapping. How can I make it so cloth doesn’t go through it at all?

Okay, nevermind… for now. I recreated a .blend file to upload a sample, but now it’s not happening to me.

I must have had something different. My current baking is much quicker too, so I suspect I may have left a subsurf modifier on the plane before the cloth modifier. That might have been creating some strange geometry and allowed for some bleeding through the sphere.

Anyway, like I say it’s working now. Strange.