Cloth Simulation in Game Engine

Is there any way to do cloth simulation in blender game engine?
If there’s still isn’t, I may have to do that in a python script. Are there any script codes that can chage the shape of the mesh vertex by vertex in a running game?
(p.s. I have tried the mesh submodule and I still don’t know if it is the right thing or not)

You CAN write up Python to edit vertexes…but I don’t think the changes are reflected in all aspects of the game (such as collision detection), and it’s an ultra-pain if you need the vertexes to actually behave in a set way. Plus it would take tons of computer power. I’d say it’s best to just not try cloth simulation, save you a headache.

As toomai says… you could, but you won’t be able to write an optimised-enough script in Python, and even if you could, it’s not going to run as fast as something which has been added into the API, as Python is interpreted.

Best bet is to wait until the next Bullet is integrated… there’s a few threads on here about that being done fairly soon… and should have soft body support.


I’ve head blender will be implementing soft bodies into the game engine soon.

We can finally make a clone of that PSP game (the little jello ball that rolls around)

EDIT:: It’s called loco rocco, I thinkk