Cloth simulation not doing anything

Hello, I am trying to create a few draped items of cloth. I have planes in my scene, subdivided, with some verticies in a vertex group called “pins”.

I add a cloth sim to the plane and hit “play” and it all works as expected on the first plane. If I rewind and move the geo, however, it stops simulating and the plane remains completely rigid. To “fix” this I remove the plane from all groups and then re-add it to a new group called “physics”. Sometimes this triggers the sim to work again. Sometimes I have to remove the plane from all groups and NOT re-add it. That might trigger the sim to work. Eventually I manage to get something that I like and so I remove the cloth sim modifier to freeze the geo on that frame.

Then I go on to the next plane and it all starts over again.

The problem is that I am now on my fourth plane and nothing I do can make a cloth sim do anything. Adding and removing it from groups does nothing. Closing and re-opening the scene does nothing. I am stuck (and fairly new to physics in Blender).

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks!flags_v001.blend (4.4 MB)

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Since I uploaded that, I managed to get the plane to drop through the floor, but when I rewound the sim and turned on pinning, the simulation stopped working again. I’m adding and deleting the plane from the group to try to see if I can trigger it to work again…

If I add a rigid body, that works (and I see it wrinkling like cloth), but it falls through the floor…

Edit: After adding rigid body and then removing it (and doing that a couple of times) it works.

Edit 2: The issues continue, but for now I seem to be able to get it to work by adding a rigid body and then removing it.

Clearly I am doing something wrong here. I need to be more consistently able to create cloth. Any advice appreciated.

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I’ve the same problem: it looks like video below.