Cloth simulation with animation - what I do wrong

Can someone look at my cloth settings and tell what do I do wrong? It’s a simple dummy with skin modifier and cloak over it.

cloak_test.blend (1.99 MB)

To begin with your cloak is not properly bound to the armature, so it can’t move with the dummy. Relying on collision alone to drag the cloth around is not a good idea. It looks like you made the cloak by duping the dummy & adding modifiers – not a bad idea, but 1) do it in Rest Position, and 2) leave the armature in place. Get the cloak moving OK with the dummy before adding Cloth.

Next, make sure your Modifiers stack starts with the Armature, then Cloth, then any other modifiers. This means you will likely have to add actual subdivisions to the cloak mesh, not a bad idea for Cloth anyway. But things like Solidify should ALWAYS follow Cloth, otherwise the Cloth sim will be trying to make sense of the modified mesh instead of the basic mesh.

Lastly, don’t rely on default Collision parameters in either the Collision target (the dummy) or in the Cloth settings. The numbers in both places have to work together to have Cloth succeed, so you may need to experiment with new settings, probably lower in value than the defaults.

A word of warning – Cloth and other sims use the standard Blender world scale of 1 BU (Blender Unit) = 1m when they crunch the sim numbers, so best results happen when your model is designed along this scale. Currently your model is over 7.5m tall, and the sim treats it as a giant, so to speak. So when it moves, it’s covering a lot of virtual ground quickly, even though it looks like it’s moving slow at the scale you use. The sim therefore imparts a lot of force (momentum) into the Cloth motion, complicating the Collision situation. It’s possible to fudge the Cloth settings some to allow for this, but only within small limits. Think about making your model more human-scaled.

Nothing is ever simple with Cloth. :wink: