Cloth suggestion for snagging.

recently i came across durian’s “wing simulation” problem.
one of their main problems were snagging.
that is, when the cloth has forced intersections and get itself snagged.
the main problem is how to get itself desnagged.
what about if the cloth only detects collision on one side of the plane. to detect the correct side it uses vertex/face/side normals. this way if its on the wrong side it won’t get snagged.
snagged cloth:
in case you didn’t get it i’ll try and explain again.
without one sided detection:
cloth gets intersected. ><
it detect collision on both sides.
with one sided detection:
cloth gets snagged.><
doesn’t collide with the “wrong side”.
goes free!.
result: unsnagged cloth.
the reason why i am suggesting and not doing is because i have absolutly no knowledge of python.
hope i explained it clearly.
please point out any flaws. if there aren’t any, please put this in blender.

I don’t think that will solve the problem.
The soft body module uses the faces normal for inside / outside decisions, which leads to a bunch of other problems.

I’d suggest to read this excellent pixar (baraff witkin) paper
Untangling Cloth
( )
to get the idea how complex things are.

Complex simulations like fluids, soft bodies or cloth are rarely coded in python because it is interpreted and preforms pretty bad. In blender those modules are written in C / C++ and are no plugin.