Cloth with Volume

How can i add volume to cloth-simulation? I want to make a thick, fluffy bedcover but i dont know how i can
add volume to my bedcover. When i do it normal its just flat blanket.

You tried the solidify mod?

thick and fluffy, that sounds like something you would sculpt. blender does not have good features for thick cloth stuff. try solidify modifier, if not, try sculpting it rather than simulating at all.

Sounds like you might be looking for a particle system. You add the system to the object you want fluffy and set it to hairs instead of emission. You then have the option to create hair like strands that can use materials or if you want use a group of objects in place of the strands. You can do billboarding textures with this method to reduce on render time.

There are plenty of tutorials if you don’t know how to use particle systems.

you could use some soft cloth sim with some weight group and anim it

you could subdivide it and add some displacement modifier

happy bl