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I’ve been watching a tutorial on it appears he using a plane in his tutorial on Sculpting Cloth
He has a solidify modifier that is already on, then he adds the multiresolution modifier after going into sculpt
mode… BUT when he does the subdivide 3 times (sculpt = 3, render = 3) He still has the square shape…
I do the subdivide 3 times and I get a circle.
How do you keep the square? or is he doing something different that is not shown in the tutorial?
Am I missing something …

I have not watched the video, but both multires and subdivision modifiers have 2 subdivision methods, the “Catmul-Clark” and the “Simple”
By default on the modifier it’s “Catmul-Clark” that is selected by default.

On your modifier change it to “Simple” and the square will not become a circle anymore

thank you… will try that tomorrow… appreciate reply
off to bed for the night
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Kent is using catmull clark in that tutorial. He appears to fail to mention that the plane he is working on was subdivided 5 times, so that the base mesh plane has 32 vertices across and 32 up and and down. I know this from looking at the diagram below the tutorial, as well as the vert count on the very top, 66049.

To get the plane to look and act like his you would either:

  1. Tab in edit mode, select all vertices, and hit w subdivide 5 times in a row.

or 2) Hit w subdivide, and on the tools panel on the left (hit t) towards the bottom there is a panel called subdivide, and 'number of cuts; you would change to 31. The first subdivision you did ‘by hand’

When you then add the multires modifier and subdivide 3 times the mesh will behave and appear as it does in the tutorial.

thanks Photox I will try that… I’ve think I was ready to pull out the hair trying to figure out what I was doing wrong…
appreciate your reply… am off to go see what I can do again…
Have a great day

When working with cloth it is very common to subdivide a few times, just to give yourself enough real geometry to do something with. Especially when you run cloth simulations, too little and the sim has a blocky jerky feel, too much and it sort of crumples all over itself. You want the porridge to be juuust right.