Clothes Don't Follow Mesh Correctly When Armature is Re-Applied

Hi everyone!

I’m working on a character animation where my character is wearing a rigged dress with cloth simulations near the edges. For the animation, I need to alter the geometry of the dress mid-simulation, and to do that I’ve been creating a new instance of the dress that bridges the gap between the edits. The issue that I’ve been running into is that when I create the new instance of the dress and add the armature modifier, it causes the dress to bend and warp rather than stay in the orientation of the original dress.

The above image shows the model with the original dress.

The below image shows the model with both the original and new instance of the dress.

I believe that this is due to the scaling of the armature, but I’m not sure why the original dress stays in the correct orientation while the new instance warps. Both dresses have the same weight paints and the same vertex groups, and I’m not sure why the mesh isn’t binding to the armature correctly. Any insight would be much appreciated!