Clothes for models

ok so ive been wondering this for a while but now i REALLY wanna know so here it goes.

I want to know how to have a plain naked model, then be able to add clothes and he moves with them. I want to do this so i can have the model with multiple sets of clothes during a short film. Is there an easier way to do it other thanmodeling the clothes on and then rigging it with the new clothes? because that would be extremely annoying. Plus i would want to be able to have a glove, have the character put the glove on, and then the glove moves with the hand. if that makes sense. Like i want him to be able to put stuff on in the film and it actually moves on his body.

plz help~!!!

If you duplicate parts of your mesh and then separate (with P) them from the nude mesh they will retain the weights, vertex groups and even the parenting and the armature modifier and it’s settings … So if you just select the hands and then separate it scale it up and change materials/tweak the mesh you have your gloves … same basically applies to other articles of clothing, but just remember to add any new vertices you add to make collers etc. in their appropriate vertex groups …

Now if you actually wanted to animate someones getting dressed/undressed, that’s a whole another kettle of fish …

nope thats all i needed! thanks!