Hey guys, I’m making a short film and am in need of someone who can do clothes. I have Everyone, riggers, general modelers, animators, physicists, musicians and sound + visual effects guys, but no clothing person.All I need is someone who can do basic clothes, but if you can do clothes with a soft body, then even better.

If you want to know about the short film and my team, visit the WIP link in my sig

Wouldn’t a modeller be able to do clothes?
Their just the skin duplicated, and simplified, shaped to be loose.

thats what i thought… but all four of my modelers say they cant… but i think ive got an idea with shrinkwrap

There not that simple, when you texture them they have to be done accurately to seems organic, robotics are different all in each unless the person is wearing a sheet with lots of pleats?.

lol… thats really great english, i completely understood all of it :wink: lol… but i think i know what you’re trying to say… apart from the pleats part… i have no idea what that is… plates? but no, its just normal human clothing… but i think a soft body is going to take too much out of our render time limit - dont want my short to render for a year…

i needed a clothe job,i have listen a lot this is an amazing thing,where i can get it,i needed a more information on it.please let me informed
about it.

Do it yourself I was going to help. dork.

If youduplicate them from a weightpainted body, then you dont have to much about a cloth modifier, cause it will already deform thanks to the bones. YOu’ll want to lessen the weight at the ends, so that they’ll drag behind the character.
As for texturing, placing seams won’t be hard. Your wearing the reference for where the need to go?
I personally find the shrinkwrap to be to jumpy, maybe I use to few polygons or to much.
I’m not sure.

and Frank, Please watch your responses, I’m not to sure what you said either, and I"m sure greg wasn’t trying to offend you.

Ey, frank, no need to get angry! But sorry if i was a little mean, i didnt mean to be (haha get it? mean to be? lol, ok thats a bad joke)

alen1234, no prob, but what im using for now is a shrinkwrap modifier, then applying it and manually modeling the details. check how it is on the woman’s clothes in the film wip (link in my sig)

Cire792, thanks, i seem to have mastered the shrinkwrap. you just have to sculpt it and use the same weightpaint as the body. but as soon as you make it a cloth or soft body, it skrewes itself and goes inside the body and all that… i need some practice, but i have a ton of other things to do and people to coordinate, So i was hoping someone else could help

I don’t have alot of knowledge in this area, but I was playing with the cloth sim earlier this week. The characters body has to be set as a collision to stop the clothing from passing thru the body. I really spent along time tweaking the settings to get it to work right and it still wasn’t 100%. I think the cloth sim works great for flags, table cloths, etc, but I don’t know that it is the best approach for clothing. Softbody might be better…

Just my opinion,

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lol, its fine I just was trying to explain it, but I guess being dyslectic doesn’t help.

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