Clothes texturing tutorial?

I am trying to add clothes to my first character model and am trying to figure out how to texture it. I tried searching google but couldn’t find what I wanted. Does anyone know of a good clothes texturing tutorial? Something that shows you how to add clothes seams to an unwrapped uv picture and stuff like that. It can be for photoshop or gimp.


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I’ve just googled it.

check it out thoroughly.

I could not get this page to load. Any suggestions?

I think the website is down. anyway, it is very easy to add seams. get a decent pic from net of your liking. use your favorite image editing program to cut paste the seams from picture to your uvwrapped image / texture/ cloth. scale the size to your liking. and all will be done.

I had a hard time finding ANYTHING on clothes making for pre-created characters.

So far, this was the best I could find.

Basically make a mesh around your character where you want your closes to be, then add the “Shrinkwrap” modifier to that mesh. Then just adjust the modifier so that the clothes are slightly bigger than your character. It worked pretty well for me. I then could add things like buttons, zippers, cuffs, etc.