Clothing Artists - Modeling and Texturing

Hi there, i am looking to for artists that are talented with clothes and texturing.
I have a work overload and need some help.

Contact [email protected]

  • Models are low to medium poly. up to 40k verts more or less
  • Textures are an important factor and need to have light and shadows baked into them
    (not done with materials, textures need to be ready to go, not rendered)
  • Textures need details such as stitching and folds
  • Clean optimised UV easy to retexture and use > no overlapping
  • Please show me finished clothing examples you have already done
  • If you are good with denim textures that’s a super plus

Here are some example of what i produce, the more complicated items :

Here are some current requests, if you can let me know your rates for these items or similar ones :


I’m Senior sculptor with 16 years of experience in the advertising, film and video game.

Latest works: man in the high castle, Leonardo Di Caprio Lil Dicky, Ford, Nestlé, Energizer, Got Milk, Aion and more!

  • Work for many years as a technical director, but currently focusing on modeling and materials.
  • Python knowledge, mainly applied to automate production tasks. The “Oscurart tools” and “bakePBR” are my most popular addons.
  • Certified blender foundation trainer since 2012.


Summary and links.



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