Clothing fitting company searching for Blender Python programmer

Hello Blender community,

During volunteering to answer user emails for a human 3D body scan database service, I received an email from a user searching for Blender python programmers. The user has a company making use of technology for clothing fitting.

The user would like to commission a Blender python programmer to develop scripts for manipulating the 3D body scans from the human 3D body scan database. The user would also like to automate rendering of the scans from user defined camera angles.

We were able to find a Blender python programmer who completed most of the work for the user. The user is now searching for another Blender python programmer to assist with some final programming steps and experimental features.

I look forward to seeing any replies or direct messages from programmers who may be interested. If it is suitable, I would like to recommend your preferred contact method to the user, so that they may start a conversation with you.