Clothing model, per reference, rigged, textured

I am looking for someone to model, texture, and rig some clothing based on this reference:

I am an individual and looking for intermediate level designers.
Deadline is 2 months.

Budget is $100.

Feel free to contact me here or on discord La1n#8843

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Couple of questions you didn’t supply any explicit info on:

  1. Is the final deliverable intended to be low-poly targeting real-time uses. I.e. is the final deliverable intended to be game-engine ready?
  2. And are you supplying a character model/rig to model this over?

The final model should be ready for real-time yes; aiming around the 50k tris.

Ah yes, i should supply the character model so it can be fitted properly. I will need to put this part of the project on hold for a bit while the character model is completed (currently in progress).

Thank you for this info; i will update when the model is available.


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