Clothing not working with Physics

Hello, I imported a model with clothing done in Marvelous Designer. Everything looks great until I try and add the cloth simulation to the clothing. Every time I try to do this the clothing gets all crumpled up and distorted. Almost like it is folding into itself. I set up a basic sphere and plane next to it with the same settings and had them run at the same time, and while that simulation ran fine the original continued to have the same issue. Attached are screen captures of the issue if anyone has any ideas. This has been driving me crazy, especially since eventually I also have to animation the clothing with the figure! I am working in 2.74 but it did the same thing in 2.73

After some testing it looks like it might have something to do with the way the cloth is colliding with the model. If i increase the size of the cloth and then run the simulation it seems to perform fine. The fabric does not look to be intersecting the model at any point so I am not sure why it is doing this. Is there a better way to solve this since I can’t really change the clothing size.