Clothing on a Character

I wanted to try something new on my Characters with Clothing. I’ve made some several Characters for anatomy study and to see which best topology works for animation, but I wanted to try something new this time.

I want to experiment giving one of my Characters and some armor, but I’m not sure how is the best way to do this. For example, Should I just model a separate boot and then stitch it to the Character, or should I model it directly on the character?

Keep in mind I also want it to be used in animation, and if I wanted to make the Character remove the boot in an animation how would I do that exactly? Having the Character switch to a version of the Character without the boot?

you could give the boot a shrinkwrap modifier, which may or may not work as planned. there’s a way, you just have to weigh it in terms of your time spent vs the value of the effect.

you could model the boot as a separate object and then use a mask modifier on the character to hide the geometry inside the boot to avoid intersections. Then key the mask modifier off when the boot is off.

Animating the action of actually removing it would be very hard, no idea what the best way of going about that is (probably involves lots and lots of shapekeys though).

With clothes modelling it often helps to duplicate and separate portions of the character mesh to serve as starting points for each item of clothing.