Clothing simulation on mocap animation issues

Hi, I’m working on a clothing simulation test on mocap animation, but the results I am getting after almost two weeks of trying to fix it, I’m at wits end.

The biggest problem I have with it, is that I don’t exactly know what is going wrong in regards to settings or modifiers. I guess the biggest question is how to make the simulation of the clothing look smoother and ‘prettier’.

For instance I keep getting these weird movements and artifacts in the pants. When he walks the pants crop up his leg in a really weird way, that I can’t seem to find a solution for. I tried making it a different fabric preset like satin, but it does not exactly help. I also am rather confused with some of the collision settings in general (yes i did look at the Blender manual and some tutorials i could find, but they don’t exactly give me the answers i am looking for).

Another problem I have is with the ‘pinning’. Right now I use Hook modifiers to keep the pants from falling down and some other clothing parts in place. but once i try to actually pin them down the cloth just stays static in one place as the mesh walks trough it. Is there perhaps a ‘workflow’ of using the pinning tool, or does it also have to be combined with hooks or baking?

This is what my simulation looks like at this moment:

I also need to find a solution for his hat flying away, I once tried with another hook and pinning, but it created a weird distortion. As if the mesh was being pulled back to position 0.

Basically to sum up my questions:

  • How do I make my simulation look smoother/ get rid of the weird artifacts and movements
  • How exactly should you use pinning, without the mesh just becoming static and unmovable
  • General tips for better simulations

Thank you!

(My blend file is on here since it was the format was too big, I hope it works)

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Hello! I use surface deform to make clothes follow the body, and then use the pin group available in the cloth modifier on the vertices I want to pin to the body. Just make a vertex group for it to stay pinned. I don’t know about the hooks though, never used them for cloth pinning.

Hi! Thank you for your reply! I tried your trick with the surface deform, it gave a nice result for keeping the pants from falling down as an alternative for the hooks. However for the shirt it didn’t seen to work very well, but the shirt is less of a hassle to control, so it’s fine.
I still need to find something for the smoothness of the cloth simulation of the pants, but thank you for the information anyway. It’s a clever solution. :slight_smile: