Clothing texture+hair help

So I decided to get back to work on this idea I had a while ago.

I kinda want to make a him a “cute” samurai…I’m having a real tough time with textures; can anyone offer any help or tut links? I kinda would like to get the texture of a karate gi…(I have one in my room)…

I’m pretty happy with the modelling job on the clothes (for a first try), but I will probably have to end up redoing it…any advice appreciated.

I still can’t get the hair like I want it (2D projections shown), any help would be apprecieated…it’s really hard to translate good-looking 2d toon hair into 3d.

Any general advice appreciated, I’d really like to get him to look good (detailed outfit, god it’s tough), and worth rigging.


Excellent UV unmapping tut (IMO)

very cool :smiley:

Needs better lighting.