Cloud City

This video was made in Blender.
The OpenVDB clouds were rendered in CyclesX.
Rendering time was about 2 hours for the heaviest frames.


Good-looking. At first, I read it as “2 hours per frame”, but it was 2 hours for the entire clip. That was not that bad. We live in a day and age when one person can create a Hollywood blockbuster-looking video at home with a regular computer, if he has talent, which I lack.

No not two hours for the entire clip, he doesn´t say that.
He says…
“Rendering time was about 2 hours for the heaviest frames.”
I can only interprete that as the heaviest single frame took 2 hours per frame, and not the entire clip.
And in such case that is slow.

As for the final clip, pretty good, but I think the lighting and shading in the clouds needs improvement.

And CyclesX?
I thought they weren´t finished with implementing volume rendering with CyclesX.

Impossible to say how fast CyclesX is rendering the vdb volumes, since we know nothing about the hardware gpu/cpu nor anything about how the step size is or the voxel resolution or how many vdb copies there are in there, or if it is AA and noise reduction on the building that takes long time to solve?

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Great work - nicely done.

If I may say so, I think the concept would have been stronger, if you would have left out the top ring(s) and maybe 1-2 of the background rings. In my feeling they are just too much and the central citadel would be stronger and better readible. Imagecomposition-wise it is good to leave some space to rest your eye.

But that’s just my opinion. Well done!

I want more :slight_smile:

Top-Notch work! :ok_hand:


May I know what is you machine and configuration? Why did it take so long :joy:?

Great work by the way, followed you on Instagram, impressive work there as well.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

great, I like your works. :blender_logo_64_png: