Cloud Generator Script download Warning?

I just tried to download Nick Keeline’s Cloud Generator script and Firefox gave me a warning.

“This connection is untrusted. You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure. What should I (Firefox) do?”

I guess it isn’t a problem and should go ahead and download but thought I’d check with more knowledgeable people concerning this than me.

Should I download the script?


Yeps, this is because svn is under https, I think it’s safe to download it, but mind you that the cloud generator is already bundled with official blender 2.53 beta, check the addons tab in user preferences.

Got it, but Blender crashes every time as soon as I click on “Generate Cloud.” Any idea why?

Vista Home Premium


If this is a bug, go in the addon tab in userprefs and click on “Report a bug”.
This will take you to the script’s tracker page where you can properly report the bug and the script author can see it.

You will need to login, if you don’t have a user there it’s worth doing it, it’s always good to report bugs :slight_smile:

I’ve been using “30656 Optimized 2.53 Beta” (LoopDuplicate) and get a crash every time I click on “Generate Cloud.”

I have since downloaded “Blender 2.53 BETA r31195 WIN32” from and the Cloud Generator works perfectly.

I took a vacation from Blender for about the past 4 months and am very happy now to see all the improvements and new add-ons.