Cloud Studio

Personal work made with Blender 2.9.

Close up

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Can’t wait for your feedback


Here is the wireframe


You’re #featured! :tada:

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Amazing render. As a feedback, maybe the floor tiling is a little too big?

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Lol, but what does the cloud look like through the camera?

Thank you so much !

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Maybe the rendered images are “through the scene camera” as you can see the camera model only in the wire frame scene. :thinking:

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Oh, and great idea and even better execution! :+1:

Somehow I feel like this would be a perfect product shot for an addon.

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looks sharp!
can you share your lighting setup?

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awesome work - I really like the scale of it

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What models are you using here?
Very nice scene setup, pleasure to view the details

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Great Render!!! As for feedback, it’s hard to tell exactly where the cloud looking thing is in the render. Maybe add a shadow, or position it close to the black canvas? Awesome render though!

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Realistic and Fantastic, awesome work Tadine, did you model all the objects that are in this scene?

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I was going for that specific style but thanks for the feedback !

Thank you so much ! Yeah it could be why not

My set up was simple. 2 Area disc lamps one hard and the other is softer, and a really intense white spot lamp for some rear lighting.

Thank you Andi !

Thank you, but can you elaborate more on the question ?

I meant, did you use some studio models presets or model it by yourself?

I like the studio,and the idea.The cloud looks a bit like it has too thick density.

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