Just a quick scene to test the Red Clover assets, but I likeed it so much that I thought, why not posting it here! I used the small clover and flowers, as well as kentucky bluegrass, two different dead grasses and random dead leaves. Everything is Graswald besides the ground material, is simply a solid color with noise bump. Enjoy


Random selectionof various assets I used for the scene

To find out more about Graswald, visit my projects thread:

Amazing. I looked through your entire Graswald thread and I’m truly amazed at how much attention to detail you put in. The materials especially intrigue me, and I’d be interested in knowing more about them.

Amazing, I’m also interested in the materials :wink:

Won’t say much yet about the materials as I will sell these assets, but I’m thinking about doing some tuts on environment creation with the graswald add on once it’s released!

This is really good. Much better looking than the grass add on I’m using now.

Nice project