Hi everyone!

I’m new here so I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dennis and I’m 20 years old and live in Sweden. The reason why I’m registered here is because I have in a way lost my enthusiasm for doing stuff, even though I used to love it before. And the main reason, I think, is because I haven’t really have anyone to share it with. Enough about me.

My first project here will be to model and texture a clown. You can see my concept of it below.
The Evil Clown

Wow,the light version of Joker:D!Nice sketch,I am sticking to this thread!

Thank you! Yeah, the light cruel joker. Wow, really scary :RocknRoll:

Anyway here’s a fast version of the head(incomplete), it’s just a test so I won’t work any more of this model. I’ll be start to work at the real head this evening or so.

hey the rough looks cool … waiting to see how you build up on it … keep up! ~


I’ve stared to work at the final model now, though I have to do some editing around the lips and the skull. See the new model below and leave a comment if your feel for it. Cheers!
New model

By the way, this he looks evil enough?:rolleyes:

Now he doesn’t look that evil,but it mostly depends on the eyes,so make sure you add some scary ones;)

I love the concept art.
But, right now he loks like he’s laughing,
Arch the brow more.

Hey, thanks for the feedback!:slight_smile:

I’ve tried to give him a little more evil laugh now, dunno it if succeeded though.:confused:

I have begin to give his some texture, but I doesn’t really find out how to make a nice make-up material at the same time as I use SSS. Any hints?:smiley: Right now it looks more like his face just is… bleach in my opinion.
Some SSS and texture.

Hi again!
I’m currently working on the hands. The cloth are just drafts, that’s why they looks crap!:eyebrowlift: Feel free to leave a comment. Cheers!

Looking good. I like the skin material. It looks like he has a very sharp line going down the center of his nose though.

I kind of like the soft look the SSS gives the make-up, but it’s a little too green IMHO.

The hands in your concept art seem to be a normal size. I think I preferred that to the long-fingered ones you’ve modeled. They look very strange because the phalanges are about 2.5- 3 times the size of the metacarpals. The pinky looks like it’s a lot thicket than the other fingers too. That might just be the angle though. It might be awkward to put a gun in his hand the way they are.

I’m looking forward to the finished still :slight_smile: