ClubSilo 1.1 Beta for download

Hi all.

A new version is available for download.

Heres a movie which shows the latest version:
ClubSilo 1.1 DEMO Movie

Thank you to everyone for your feedback last time round. This not only helped in identifying problem areas, but also which areas to prioritise in terms of fixing.


 * Support for Joystick / Wheel and Pedal input devices.
* Improved drivability and physics settings. (Not as yet resolved, but improved)
* Auto Recovery for the car.
* Track changes and additional environmental models.
* Ambient effects such as moving clouds and sun with lens flare and glows
* Particles (when you nitro boost)
* Customisable difficulty setting added.
* Improved AI.
  • AI made pluggable.
    • Minor bug-fixes.

A few thoughts…

* You can still only nitro in a straight line, so save up the nitro for those long straights.

  • Some cool tricks can be done with the car on the half pipe corner part of the track:
    > By reversing straight up, you can get some serious air and the car will come back into the track perfectly.
    > Drive up the side, turn hard into the pipe in an upward position and press down on the brakes, the car will do a nice 360.
Thanks Blendenzo for your joystick tutorials…
(The download does not feature the cars above, but these images show the game off better than others that I have…)

Also, have a look at our new news page.

I’m downloading it right now.
I’ll be checking the joystick and keyboard controls out (my stering wheel has somewhat lost the ability of turning to the left)

great stuff!


wow… cooooooooooooooooooooooooool

It crashes to desktop instantly for me :(. Tried all the resolutions. Shame as the previous demos worked spot on on my old comp. Im sure this new one rocks though.

[email protected]! I will try it as soon as I can get home.

downloading now…that’s one of the best graphics blender games I’ve ever seen

Perhaps the video texture player is not working on your system…
Please try this > go into the root folder and double click on “cs_0_d.exe”.
If the game runs, then its the Texture Player.
BTW, what hardware are you running?

Tried what you said Luma, it gets me as far as the car select screen this time but then exits again.

my specs:

Core 2 duo 2.4ghz
2gb ram
ati X1900XT 512mb

start the game then minimize it then hit alt=cnt=delete right click on silo set affinity and uncheck one of the cpu boxes worked for my amd x2

I recall a problem with BGE and dual cpu’s in an earlier thread.
Nice thats there seems to be a work around.

you might want to swap the race track selection and car selection just makes more better best sense to select the track and then the car.

Also when you get a game over due to high damage the audio volume increases when you move the cursor for the continue and quit overlayed sub screen. And repeats each time you hit it.

Oh and the game is strangely more fun if you drive backwards until you wreck then forward trying to crash the other cars. When you flip over then you must force your self to drive backwards again. Ah the rules of the road. You should add a parking lot next to a country kitchen where we can side swip old people. Just for me! (here in the state : old people = bad drivers : and often can be found at an eatery known as the country kitchen just so you know)

Eye candy!

When is it going to be available for Mac? :frowning:

This brings up a whole debate… I remember reading a post somewhere, where someone was criticising runtimes being made available as opposed to .blends.

One of the key issues we discovered when releasing v1.0 a couple of months ago, and once again in this version, is portability issues pertaining to publishing a game made in blender.

  1. Incompatability issues based on different hardware configurations.
  2. External path directories not working. ((in some cases the original (my machine) as opposed to the local folder))
  3. The same .blends loaded into a mac and linux version, did not publish properly.
    (I think the camera was not behaving as it should).

Part reason for problems like this, IMO, is simply because not enough games have been published as runtimes. And these issues have never been ironed out as a result.

After all, the whole of idea of making games is to finsh them off by packaging them into a format that other users can experience, in a way the author intended. This game was originally designed as a string of executables, where new levels would be loaded in, as required.

The FMV for example had to be a seperate application to the game, as the Video Texture Player by ashsid could not work with Blender Materials enabled, and the game definitely needed it. So, a single .blend would not suffice.

Having said that, I will upload the latest .blend file as soon as I get a chance…

I downloaded and try to play it but it laged so much i used 800 rezolucion then i tryed window one it crashed on me.But never the less it looks realy ,realy good very profesicional,some of my frends dident belive me that it was made in blender :slight_smile:

Luma, I tried out the demo, and I noticed that the handling is much improved over the last version that I played. I also see that you synched the audio with the countdown. Good work. I wasn’t able to access the controls menu for some reason, though I think it has to do with my graphics card (better than my old one, but still…). I will try it out on a better computer later. I’ll PM you with a couple of developmental questions/suggestions.

Thanks alot Luma :slight_smile:

wow. nice omg that was awsome Luma nice work it played on my x300 at 1024 but at 1280 it crashes befor i reach the first item. same thing happened with v1.0 i never got to play it but now that i have played this one i am freaking amazed.

cool stuff, I tried the previous version, checking this now


Amazing game, it really pumps up the adrenaline and the quality of the game is awesome as well. On my computer I was able to play it, but I think it was also very close at the point to lag out the fps, but I think it’s because I use a geforce 2 TI. (played 800x600 version)

THe funny thing is that you can even finish the track when driving backwards, I did that a few times and in some cases the stearing is even faster then when driving forwards, maybe someone should tweak this a little, else when you’re used with driving backwards, you can even drive faster then when driving forwards. :wink:

Also I noticed there’s an actuator error on the console when I finished the game and tried to exit. Further, keep going, I love this game and it’s one of the best racing games ever done in Blender so far. If the performance was better then we have now (blender issue) and added some GLSL, it should have the quality of Need for Speed games, well close to it. :smiley:
On the Blender Conference I’m doing a worksop about car physics in blender’s game engine, and sure I’m going to use this game to give people an impression what can be archived. :smiley:

Wow! Im happy that it actually runs on a Geforce 2 TI! The lowest card I tested was an early Geforce 4… I guess its got to do with the rest of the specs on your rig. You must have a decent amount of ram. What processor are you running?

You should chat to Erwin :slight_smile: He’s the brains behind the vehicle physics…

Oh, by the way, NateB2 posted some development cheats in Blendernation with regard the last version.
F > gives you fuel
N > gives you nitrous
H > decreases damage
We left these in…

>Luma Lab (some tools to download)
>Luma News Page (check out some new stuff)