CNTRL + F Face sorting by selection

When you hit Cntrl + F in object mode it opens up the face sorting menu as all of you know. I’m trying to get a low poly hair model to display in a game (not in the blender game engine) which obviously needs alpha blending. After breaking up the pieces of the hair into separate objects, I then need to sort the objects using Cntrl + F. How do I do this by selection? I can’t find any tutorials about it.

Why do you need to sort the objects?

I’m using the hair mesh for Oblivion…unfortunately I can’t use any of Blender’s other alpha blending resources other than face sorting to get the alpha blending to work. The different layers of the hair mesh need to be sorted correctly so the alpha blending isn’t messed up. A friend of mine uses Maya to do this and I’m almost positive that the face sorting feature here is what she does in Maya… but I’d rather not learn another program just for that, so I’m hoping I get lucky and this is what I need to do.

…apologies for the bump but I cannot progress in my project until I learn how to do this. surely somebody has used this method before?